IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
2–5 May 2022 // Virtual Conference



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US Eastern Daylight Time (New York) Central Europe Summer Time (Zürich) China Standard Time (Shanghai) 2nd May, Monday 3rd May, Tuesday 4th May, Wednesday 5th May, Thursday
(-1 day) 22:00 04:00 10:00 Tutorial 1: Scaling Blockchains using Layer-2 Solutions      
(-1 day) 23:00 05:00 11:00      
00:00 06:00 12:00        
01:00 07:00 13:00        
02:00 08:00 14:00        
03:00 09:00 15:00        
          Poster Session 1  
04:00 10:00 16:00 Tutorial 2: Process-centric Analysis of Blockchain Data   Technical Session: Privacy, Security and Trust II
        Demo Session 1
05:00 11:00 17:00    
        Technical Session: Applications II  
06:00 12:00 18:00     Poster Session 2
          Technical Session: Performance and Robustness I
07:00 13:00 19:00 Tutorial 3: Blockchain
  Technical Session:
        Technical Session: Game Theory,  Mechanism Design and Economics
08:00 14:00 20:00  
      Opening Session Sponsor Presentation: Huawei
09:00 15:00 21:00   Keynote 1: Dr Wen Tong (Huawei) Keynote 2:
Prof. Eswar Prasad
(Cornell University)
Poster Session 3
10:00 16:00 22:00 Tutorial 4: Ripple XRP ledger: from theory to practice Sponsor Presentation: Huawei Technical Session: Blockchain Infrastructures, Architectures & Frameworks Technical Session: Oracles
      Technical Session: Privacy, Security and Trust I
11:00 17:00 23:00
      Sponsor Presentation: RTV Sponsor Presentation: TGI
12:00 18:00 (+1 day) 00:00   Demo Session 2 Keynote 3: Prof Dawn
Song (UC Berkeley)
        Sponsor Presentation: TGI
13:00       Technical Session:
Applications I
Technical Session: DeFi  
        Technical Session: Performance and Robustness II
14:00       Industry Panel on DeFi: Mona El Isa, Vincent Danos, Jen Zhu
          Closing Session

Monday, 2nd May 2022

22:00 (previous day) – 00:00 EDT

Tutorial 1: Scaling Blockchains using Layer-2 Solutions

Session Chair: Gowri Ramachandran

Sushmita Ruj (UNSW, Australia)


04:00 – 06:00 EDT

Tutorial 2: Process-centric Analysis of Blockchain Data

Session Chair: Helen Paik

Richard Hobeck, Luise Pufahl, Ingo Weber (TU Berlin, Germany)


07:00 – 09:00 EDT

Tutorial 3: Blockchain Interoperability

Session Chair: Dhinakaran Vinayagamurthy

Fatemeh Shirazi (Heliax AG)


10:00 – 12:00 EDT

Tutorial 4: Ripple XRP ledger: from theory to practice

Session Chair: Reza Ramezan

Lucian Trestioreanu, Wazen Shbair, Cyril Cassagnes, Radu State (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)


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Tuesday, 3rd May 2022

Technical Session 1 - 10:30 AM

Privacy, Security and Trust I

Chair: Taeho Jung


10:30 AM

Reducing confirmation reversal probability of PoW blockchains using checkpoints

Ke Wang, Hyong Kim 

Carnegie Mellon University, USA


11:00 AM

ProvotuMn: Decentralized, Mix-Net-based, and Receipt-free Voting System

1Christian Killer, 1Moritz Eck, 1,2Bruno Rodrigues, 1Jan Von der Assen, 1Roger Staubli, 1Burkhard Stiller 

1University of Zürich, Switzerland

2Communication Systems Group CSG@IfI


11:30 PM

One Bad Apple Spoils the Bunch: Transaction DoS in MimbleWimble Blockchains

Seyed Ali Tabatabaee, Charlene Nicer, Ivan Beschastnikh, Chen Feng

University of British Columbia, Canada


12:00 PM

Automated Auditing of Price Gouging TOD Vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts

Sidi Mohamed Beillahi, Eric Keilty, Keerthi Nelaturu, Andreas Veneris, Fan Long

University of Toronto, Canada


12:15 PM

Payment Channels Under Network Congestion

Tuan Tran, Haofan Zheng, Peter Alvaro, Owen Arden

UC Santa Cruz, USA

Technical Session 2 - 01:00 PM

Applications I

Chair: Gautam Srivastava



01:00 PM

A Moderation Framework for the Swift and Transparent Removal of Illicit Blockchain Content

Roman Matzutt, Vincent Ahlrichs, Jan Pennekamp,  Roman Karwacik, 

Klaus Wehrle

RWTH Aachen University, Germany


01:30 PM

Blockchain-based Secure Client Selection in Federated Learning

1Truc Nguyen, 2Phuc Thai, 1Tre' Jeter, 2Thang Dinh, 1My Thai

1University of Florida, USA

 2Virginia Commonwealth University, USA


02:00 PM

A Blockchain-based Data Governance with Privacy and Provenance: a case study for e-Prescription

1Rodrigo Dutra Garcia, 2Gowri Sankar Ramachandran, 3Raja Jurdak, 1Jó Ueyama 

1University of São Paulo, Brazil

2Queensland University of Technology, Australia

3QUT, Australia 


02:15 PM

ZipZap: A Blockchain Solution for Local Energy Trading

1Mario Felipe Munoz, 1,2Kaiwen Zhang, 3Fatima Amara

1Ecole de Technologie Superieure, Canada

2Université du Québec, Canada

3HydroQuebec, Canada


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Wednesday, 4th May 2022

Poster Session 1 - 03:30 AM

Chair: Helen Paik


03:30 AM

ESUM: An efficient UTXO schedule model

Melyn Lyu, Kangjian Wei, Henry Kao, Huiping Sun, Zhong Chen

Peking University, P.R. China


03:40 AM

Credit-based Peer-to-Peer Ride Sharing using Smart Contracts

1Somay Chopra, 2Balaji Palanisamy, 1Shamik Sural

1Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, India

2University of Pittsburgh, USA


03:50 AM

Fabchain: Managing Audit-able 3D Print Job over Blockchain

Ryosuke Abe, Shigeya Suzuki, Kenji Saito, Hiroya Tanaka, Osamu Nakamura, Jun Murai 

Keio University, Japan


04:00 AM

Design of Blockchain-based Travel Rule Compliance System

Chaehyeon Lee, Changhoon Kang, Wonseok Cho, Jehoon Lee, Myunghun Cha, Jongsoo Woo, James Hong

POSTECH, Republic of Korea


04:10 AM

Frontrunning Block Attack in PoA Clique: A Case Study

1Xinrui Zhang, 2Qin Wang, 1,3Rujia Li, 1Qi Wang

1Southern University of Science and Technology, P.R. China

2Swinburne University of Technology & CSIRO Data61, Australia

3University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Demo Session 1 - 04:30 AM

Chair: Bach Le


04:30 AM

UIT - A Universal Identifier of Things to Bridge Cyber and Physical Worlds

Yilin Sai, Clement Chu, Adrian Trinchi, Antonella Sola, Shirley Shen, Shiping Chen

CSIRO, Australia


04:40 AM

PolyBridge: A Crosschain Bridge For Heterogeneous Blockchains

1Yue Li, 2Han Liu, 3Yuan Tan

1Peking University, P.R. China 

2Tsinghua University, P.R. China



04:50 AM

KRAMER: Kanaria NFT Collection Rarity Meter

1Mikhail Krasnoselskii, 2Yash Madhwal, 2Yury Yanovich

1Independent Researcher


Technical Session 3 - 05:30 AM

Applications II

Chair: Reza Ramezan



05:30 AM

Carboncoin: Blockchain Tokenization of Carbon Emissions with ESG-based Reputation

1Oscar Golding, 2Saber Yu, 2Qinghua Lu, 3,2Xiwei Xu

1University of New South Wales, Australia




05:45 AM

Blockchain-Enabled Emergency Detection and Response in Mobile Healthcare System

1,2Suryakanta Panda, 3Arnab Mukherjee, 1Raju Halder, 1Samrat Mondal

1Indian Institute of Technology Patna

2VIT Bhopal University

3RCC Institute of Information Technology


06:00 AM

Accelerated carrier invoice factoring using predictive freight transport events

Krishnasuri Narayanam, Pankaj Dayama, Sandeep Nishad

IBM Research, India 


06:15 AM

Scalable and Privacy-Focused Company-Centric Supply Chain Management

1Eric Wagner, 1Roman Matzutt, 1Jan Pennekamp, 2Lennart Bader, 1Irakli Bajelidze, 1Klaus Wehrle, 1,2Martin Henze

1RWTH Aachen University - Germany

2Fraunhofer FKIE - Germany

Technical Session 4 - 06:30 AM

Performance and Robustness I 

Chair: Artem Barger



06:30 AM

Multi-Level Distributed Caching on the Blockchain for Storage Optimisation

1Jun Wook Heo, 2Ali Dorri, 3Raja Jurdak

1Queensland University of Technology, Republic of Korea

2QUT Brisbane, Australia

3QUT, Australia


06:45 AM

BitSQL: A SQL-based Bitcoin Analysis System

Hyunsu Mun, Youngseok Lee

Chungnam National University, Republic of Korea

Technical Session 5 - 07:30 AM

Game Theory,  Mechanism Design and Economics

Chair: Arindam Pal



07:30 AM

Blockchain-based Mechanism Design for Collaborative Mathematical Research

1Jin Xing Lim, 2Barnabé Monnot, 1Georgios Piliouras

1Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore

2Ethereum Foundation, Germany


08:00 AM

Formalizing Cost Fairness for Two-Party Exchange Protocols using Game Theory and Applications to Blockchain

1Matthias Lohr, 2Kenneth Skiba, 1Marco Konersmann, 1Jan Jürjens, 

3Steffen Staab

1University of Koblenz-Landau - Germany

2Artificial Intelligence Group, Fernuniversität in Hagen - Germany

3Institute for Parallel and Distributed Systems (IPVS), University of Stuttgart - Germany


08:15 AM

On the Dynamics of Solid, Liquid and Digital Gold Futures

Toshiko Matsui, Ali Al-Ali, William Knottenbelt

Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Technical Session 6 - 10:00 AM

Blockchain Infrastructures, Architectures & Frameworks

Chair: Vishwas Patil



10:00 AM

SOK: A Comprehensive Survey on distributed Ledger Technologies

1Badr Bellaj, 2Aafaf Ouaddah, 3Emmanuel Bertinn, 4Noel Crespi, 5Abdellatif Mezrioui

1Telecom Sud Paris, France


3Orange lab, France

4 Institut Polytechnique de Paris,  France

5Computer science department INPT Morocco, Algeria


10:30 AM

Decentralized Application Infrastructures as Smart Contract Codes

1Rabimba Karanjai, 1Keshav Kasichainula, 1Nour Diallo, 1Mudabbir Kaleem,

2Lei Xu, 3Lin Chen, 1Weidong Shi

1University Of Houston, USA

2University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA

3Texas Tech University, USA


11:00 AM

CBlockSim: A Modular High-Performance Blockchain Simulator

1Xuyang Ma, 2Han Wu, 1Du Xu, 3Katinka Wolter

1University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, P.R. China

2Newcastle University, United Kingdom

3Free University of Berlin, Germany


11:15 AM

On the Peer Degree Distribution of the Bitcoin P2P Network

1Matthias Grundmann, 1Max Baumstark, 2Hannes Hartenstein

1Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

2University of Karlsruhe, Germany

Demo Session 2 - 12:00 PM

Chair: James Meijers


12:00 PM

A Blockchain-based Customizable Document Registration Service for Third Parties

Pamella Soares, Raphael Saraiva, Iago Fernandes, Antonio Neto, Jerffeson Teixeira de Souza

Universidade Estadual do Ceara, Brazil


12:10 PM

Visualization of Blockchain Consensus Degradation

1Luca Ambrosini, 2Matija Piskorec, 2Claudio Tessone

1Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana, Italy

2University of Zürich, Switzerland


12:20 PM

Committable: A Decentralised and Trustless Open-Source Protocol

Han Liu, Huafeng Zhang, Bangdao Chen, A.W. Roscoe

University College Oxford Blockchain Research Centre, United Kingdom


12:30 PM

AirChain - Towards Blockchain-based Aircraft Maintenance Record System

Wictor Lang Jensen, Sille Jessing, Wei-Yang Chiu, Weizhi Meng

Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Technical Session 7 - 01:00 PM


Chair: Dhinakaran Vinayagamurthy



01:00 PM

SoK: Yield Aggregators in DeFi

Simon Cousaert, Jiahua Xu, Toshiko Matsui

University College London, United Kingdom


01:30 PM

Optimal Trading on a Dynamic Curve Automated Market Maker

Shuangge Wang, Bhaskar Krishnamachari

University of Southern California - USA


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Thursday, 5th May 2022

Technical Session 8 - 04:00 AM

Privacy, Security and Trust II 

Chair: Growri Ramachandran



04:00 AM

Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Exchange Marketplaces

1Kavya Govindarajan, 1Dhinakaran Vinayagamurthy, 1Praveen Jayachandran, 2Chester Rebeiro

1IBM Research, India
2IIT Madras, India


04:30 AM

Protecting the Integrity of IoT Sensor Data and Firmware With A Feather-Light Blockchain Infrastructure

Daniel Reijsbergen, Aung Maw, Sarad Venugopalan, Dianshi Yang, Anh Dinh, Jianying Zhou

Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore


05:00 AM

DeTRM: Decentralised Trust and Reputation Management for Blockchain-based Supply Chains

1Guntur Putra, 2Changhoon Kang, 1Salil S. Kanhere, 2James Hong

1University of New South Wales, Australia
2POSTECH, Republic of Korea


05:15 AM

Privacy-Preserving Negotiation of Common Trust Anchors Across Blockchain Networks

1Bishakh Ghosh, 2Dhinakaran Vinayagamurthy, 2Venkatraman Ramakrishna, 2Krishnasuri Narayanam, 1Sandip Chakraborty

1Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India
2IBM Research, India

Poster Session 2 - 06:00 AM

Chair: Peter Robinson


06:00 AM

Decentralized Reinsurance: funding blockchain-based parametric bushfire insurance

Oliver Johnson

The Australian National University, Australia


06:10 AM

Tiramisu: Layering Consensus Protocols for Scalable and Secure Blockchains

1Anurag Jain, 2Sanidhay Arora, 1Sankarshan Damle, 1Sujit Gujar

1International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad, India
2University of Oregon, USA


06:20 AM

A low-cost and verifiable sealed bid auction protocol based on smart contracts

Huan Liu

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, P.R. China


06:30 AM

Towards securing Public Key Storage using Hyperledger Fabric

1Julian Dreyer, 1Ralf Tönjes, 2Nils Aschenbruck

1University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, Germany

2Osnabrück University, Germany


06:40 AM

A Case Study of a Blockchain-GDPR Adaptation

Sina Rafati Niya, Julius Willems, Burkhard Stiller

University of Zürich UZH, Switzerland


06:50 AM

AirChain - Towards Blockchain-based Aircraft Maintenance Record System
Wictor Lang Jensen, Sille Jessing, Wei-Yang Chiu, Weizhi Meng

Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Technical Session 9 - 07:00 AM


Chair: Jingyue (Bill) Li



07:00 AM

Grief-free Atomic Swaps

1Tejaswi Nadahalli, 1Roger Wattenhofer, 2Majid Khabbazian

1ETH Zürich, Switzerland
2University of Alberta, Canada


07:30 AM

Proof of Federated Training: Accountable Cross-Network Model Training and Inference

Sarthak Chakraborty, Sandip Chakraborty

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India


08:00 AM

SmartSync: Cross-Blockchain Smart Contract Interaction and Synchronization

Martin Westerkamp, Axel Küpper

Technical University of Berlin, Germany


08:30 AM

Verilay: A Verifiable Proof of Stake Chain Relay

1Martin Westerkamp, 2Maximilian Diez

1Technical University of Berlin, Germany
2Hasso Plattner Institute, Algeria

Poster Session 3 - 09:00 AM

Chair: Shaileshh Bojja Venkatakrishnan


09:00 AM

Incentivized Data Mules Based on State-Channels
1Mirko Zichichi, 2Luca Serena, 3Stefano Ferretti, 2Gabriele D'Angelo
1Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
2University of Bologna, Italy
3University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”, Italy


09:10 AM

Verifying Payment Channels with TLA+

1Matthias Grundmann, 2Hannes Hartenstein

1Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany
2University of Karlsruhe, Germany


09:20 AM

Trustless AutoML for the Age of Internet of Things

Luis Angel Bathen



09:30 AM

Protecting Blockchain-based Decentralized Timed release of Data from Malicious Adversaries

Jingzhe Wang, Balaji Palanisamy

University of Pittsburgh, USA

Technical Session 10 - 10:00 AM


Chair: Zeljko Zilic



10:00 AM

A Taxonomy of Blockchain Oracles: The Truth Depends on the Question

1Michael Bartholic, 2Aron Laszka, 3Go Yamamoto, 1Eric Burger

1Georgetown University, USA
2University of Houston, USA
3NTT Research Inc., USA


10:30 AM

Bitcoin Oracle Contracts: Discreet Log Contracts in Practice

1Thibaut Le Guilly, 2Nadav Kohen, 1Ichiro Kuwahara

1Crypto Garage, Japan


11:00 AM

TWAP Oracle Attacks: Easier Done than Said?

Tejaswi Nadahalli, Roger Wattenhofer, Torgin Mackinga

ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Technical Session 11 - 01:30 PM

Performance and Robustness II

Chair: Wazen Shbair



01:30 PM

LMPTs: Eliminating Storage Bottlenecks for Processing Blockchain Transactions

1Jemin Andrew Choi, 1Sidi Mohamed Beillahi, 2Peilun Li, 1Andreas Veneris, 1Fan Long 

1University of Toronto, Canada
2Shanghai Tree-Graph Blockchain Research Institute, P.R. China


02:00 PM

Torrent: Strong, Fast Balance Discovery in the Lightning Network

Sonbol Rahimpour, Majid Khabbazian

University of Alberta, Canada


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